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Since 2013, our endeavor to become a successful entrepreneur is continue...

Ubique IT working with industries across globe by including a certified Project Management Consultants in our venture. Through struggle and hard work in different endeavors, this effort is fully established in the year 2016 name of 'Ubique IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.' and today again adding a new method of work in the 'Project Management Consulting' and continues with full energy and vision with our special experiences.
We are engineer who can turn the potential of information into meaningful solutions, at the end-Solutions that simplify your businesses. We Train, we educate and we give an opportunity to build oneself.

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Our History


Year 2022

This year is to get many new opportunities by incorporating modernity in our working style with an unique approach. Ubique IT working with industries across globe by including a certified Project Management Consultants in our venture. Today is an era of counseling- 'what not to do'. And with that approach we're serving best consultation for the all IT/Non IT industries to turn any business into potential.


Years 2016 - 2021

Year 2016 when Ubique IT was founded. This time proved to be a millstone for us, where successfully handling hundreds good opportunities and together we kept learning the working style of an entrepreneur, and kept moving forward.


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Years 2010 - 2015

This was a time when started promoting our business passion while working. Energetic, details oriented and self-motivated about years of sophisticated engineering skills with a track record of coordinated efforts in regards to working with doing business.

Our Business Model


This one is pretty common and straightforward. Our price and scope of work are determined at the outset. You can choose to have our an hourly rate or a day rate, which is often referred to as a per diem. We need to get paid for each hour of actual work.


With a project-based model, we agree to perform a specific type of work for a predetermined amount of money. Before starting, the details of all deliverables will be agreed upon by both parties. More focus on providing value as opposed to watching the clock.


This involves providing ongoing or as-needed service over a set period of time. In this approach doesn't necessarily involve a specific deliverable. We also work on a retainer model for clients who want to have access to us in case anything comes up.

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