Cloud and High Tech

Ubique IT consultants have been working for over fifteen years in high tech with executives who are responsible for marketing and selling the most advanced technology directly and indirectly through complex partner channels. Ubique IT is a true partner with Project Management for marketing, sales, and channel executives in high tech to solve complex global business challenges and realize business transformation.

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Private, Enterprise & Others

The private Tech or Manufacturing industries is one of Ubique IT’s primary focus areas for solutions and services. Ubique IT’s has deep experience working with organizations that provide a wide range of services, including managing with complex projects, business strategic support & services. All industries aim to increase productivity, cut costs, and add value to their solutions.

  • Manufacturing Industries- Provided solutions with modern enterprise CRM
  • Education Industries- Strong consulting support for web/app devlopment
  • FinTech- Connect with a wider player base advance consulting application solution
  • Manland & Estate- Solutions to build and manage application, CRM and Promotions
  • Ecommoerce- Strong consulting support for web/app devlopment to make idea into reality
  • Transportation/Logistics- created and managed velocity by trading information for lead-time.
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